Jay Jay Burridge


The World of Supersaurs is a major six-book series that launched in 2017. It is written by Jay Jay Burridge, who studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. For his degree show he made a forty foot-long self-assembled dinosaur skeleton constructed out of MDF.

After graduating in 1994, Jay took over from the legendary children’s TV presenter Tony Hart, writing and co-presenting the TV art show Smart for the BBC. Over the next eight years, Jay co-presented Smart with Zoe Ball, Mark Speight, Josey Darby and Kirsten O’Brian, as well as guested on many other popular Children’s TV shows.

Smart grew into three other spin-off TV series as well as touring live shows, magazines, books, and merchandise. After eight years working in the golden years at the BBC, Jay turned his attention to a career in commercial art for brands such as Sony, Adidas, and Levis. In 2001 he started up his own custom-made deluxe trucker cap brand, Lucky Seven Caps that he sold in 2018 to focus all his efforts on Supersaurs.

In the winter of 2009, Jay returned to creating large scale artwork, continuing where he left off with his favourite subject matter, dinosaurs. Taking everything he had learnt from his time in television and the commercial art world, he re-imagined the extinct creatures and brought them into our present world with humour and imagination. He exhibited his Supersaurs sculptures in a one-man show in Beverly Hills, LA, in the summer of 2010. The enormous 8,000 square-foot space was filled with 15 full-sized Supersaurs posed in modern situations. Visitors were greeted by a full-size Tea Rex (drinking a cup of tea with his small hands), a cowboy riding a triceratops, and a rock band called ‘The Raptors’ smashing up their musical equipment. There were also neon signs depicting Supersaur ‘Exotic Dancers’, a hot dog stand selling ‘hot diplodogs’, and limited edition Adidas branded ‘trainersaurs’.

Back in London with his friend Jamie Oliver, he co-created the pop up “Dinersaur Diner” situated in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, that became so popular it stayed popped up for seven years. Over this period Jay started to develop the characters and stories behind the artworks, and created the fictional World of Supersaurs. Turning his skills to writing has been Jay’s biggest challenge because of his dyslexia, but with enthusiasm, hard work, and support, he has turned a crazy idea into a reality.

Jay is also the ‘Rude Copper’ by Banksy but thats another story…