Chris West


Chris West was introduced to the World of Supersaurs in 2010 where he helped bring Jay Jay Burridge’s ideas for his Beverly Hills solo exhibition to life.

In 1988, Chris climbed on the back of his Honda MTX 200 motorcycle and journeyed to London to start working as a junior illustrator at The Complete Works Ltd in Chelsea. The 90s started with Chris deciding to freelance, and he spent the decade working with agencies like Walt Disney Events Group, Hasbro, Amblin Entertainment and more. Chris started up Due West Ltd and soon after won a National Bronze Award from the AOI (Association of Illustrators) for BD London’s Bombay Sapphires’ series of Old Masters paintings in 2001. In the following years, Chris’ focus turned primarily to storyboards for advertising agencies; Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH and Lego Media to name a few as well as a series of National Treasure paintings for the BBC. Western Ink Ltd was started in 2009 and Chris took the opportunity to redirect his focus back to illustration and concept work, for companies like Nike, Pubicis, DLKW and character design for London Edge Tradeshow.

Over the last decade, after much brainstorming, hard-work and too many rough sketches to count, the Supersaurs premise grew from a crazy idea and became a reality and Chris has been there right from the beginning. The amount of depth and reserch involved in creating every character, saur and setting is a huge task and one that needed repeating every six months  over three years for each book. The World of Supersaurs would most certainly be a dull place without Chris West’s creative input.

Currently, Chris West lives on the Kent coast with Patsy, his partner in everything, and their two daughters – one an aspiring writer and the other with dreams of being a pro footballer. Not to mention R.T – the four-legged fiend who just refuses to stay off the sofa.

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