The free Supersaurs augmented reality app 2 was developed in early 2018 to accompany the launch of the second book in the Supersaurs series, The Stegosorcerer. It’s available to download from both the app stores and easy for anyone of any age to use. The app has one immersive augmented reality experience generated just from the front cover of the book. The app transports you into the cover image and in the middle of a stampeding herd of stegosaurs. When the dust settles you can literally walk around a full-size Carter astride his mighty stegosaur, and there is a puzzle to solve by finding all the scattered objects.

Top tip: if you activate app 2 in a room and are able to go upstairs to the room above, you can look down onto the stegosaur. Similarly, if you can go to the room below, you can look through the floor to it above your head!

Camera mode: If you activate the camera, then the app lets you see the augmented stegosaur in your natural environment.

Check out the gallery of images and films below to see what this looks like. If you don’t have the book but want to try out for yourself, then simply download the app to your device, open it up, and hover your camera over the images in the Book Two gallery on this website here.

This app is formatted to work with all devices at the time of publication, so if you have a more up-to-date device or operating system, some of the functionality might not be formatted correctly. Manufacturers have the finances to update their kit quicker than we can ours. The most common problem is the rapid evolution of screen sizes making the augmented reality too large or small for modern larger devices. Please don’t be put off with having a go with the app as it only affects some devices in small ways. We hope to have updates to account for this in the future. Please enjoy the app — we had a great time making it for your pleasure!

If you have any questions regarding this app please email

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