World of Supersaurs: Raptors of Paradise is a major new book series set in a world where the dinosaurs didn’t die out. They evolved and live amongst us.

The books are full of exotic adventures that will transport you away from the confines of your classroom, and spark the imaginations of all of the young explorers and dinosaur-enthusiasts in your class (and yes, we know there will be many…).

Jay Jay Burridge and publisher Bonnier Zaffre have created a mini scheme of work with unique cross-curricular objectives, providing material for five or more KS2 and KS3 English lessons, perfect for classes of any ability in Years 3–9 as well as for withdrawal groups or reluctant readers.



Reading Fiction and Non Fiction

  • En1 Understand a range of fiction text types.
  • En2 Use inference and deduction to show an understanding of implied meanings.
  • En3 Select relevant words or phrases from text.
  • En4 Create close analysis of individual words or phrases.
  • En5 Show an awareness of the writer’s purpose and how this shapes text.
  • En6 Analyse a writer’s point of view, attitude and message.

Imaginative and Non Fiction Writing

  • En7 Write different types and styles of text.
  • En8 Use imaginative word choices.
  • En9 Understand a range of literary and descriptive techniques.
  • En10 Adapt style and tone for different purposes.
  • En11 Confidently use a formal style.

Art & Design

  • AD1 Respond personally and produce work that is independent, imaginative and stimulating.
  • AD2 Discuss work and that of others, and consider 
how to adapt and refine own ideas, skills and processes.


  • Bio1 Identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environments and that adaptation may lead to evolution.

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